Cool Pizza Cutters

The technology innovation is taking the world by storm, here come the pizza cutter scissors and slicers which are great examples of genius low tech innovation.
These pizza cutters are amazing kitchen gadgets that make cutting and serving of pizza so simple and fun.


Pizza Cutter Scissors











This pizza cutter combines a spatula and a pair of scissors, so while you cut the pizza, you also handle it on the spatula at the same time. Cutting great triangle slices and serving of pizza has probably never been this easy.

Pizza Scissors and Spatula












This pizza cutter combines a spatula and a pair of scissors too, but works a bit differently when you are done cutting, you can use it as a spatula to serve your pizza.

Pizza Scissors











With its flexible nylon base which easily slides between the food and tray, so that cutting your pizza is very easy.

Pizza Peel and Cutter Set











If you like old fashioned, when it comes to tools in the kitchen, slice and serve your pizza in classic style with this wooden pizza cutter set.

Pizza Wheel









With this pizza wheel you can cut any pizzas of any crust and thickness.

Geek Pizza Cutter











This is the pizza cutter for the ultimate geek, a masterpiece.

World Class Pizza Cutter for Chef











No need the say anything this is a world class pizza cutter, to cut any pizza.


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