The Top 10 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

We got you talking about the cool kitchen gadgets in a previous post, and now it’s time to talk about the 10 most useful kitchen gadgets that every home should have. If we look to those kitchen gadgets they usually seem to be trying to replace knife skills like onion choppers and mango slicers. They are also designed to make slicing and peeling tasks quicker, but in fact they are not making your life easier if you are not slicing hundreds of mangos.
Here we select the most useful kitchen gadgets here that really do their job better than you ever could with a knife and of course quicker. Of course these are going to be different for every individual.
So here is our list of the ten most useful kitchen gadgets that may make our lives a little easier in the kitchen.


 Mandoline slicer 1.    Mandoline slicer – Even though it’s not the most commonly used gadget by many, I’ve always like to use them,  that there was a fairly essential place for a mandoline slicer in every kitchen.
 Digital Food Scale 2.    Digital Food Scale – This is a kitchen essential, which allows easy measuring of dry and wet ingredients and also allows you to keep your portions small.
 Safety Lid Lifter Can Opener 3.    Safety lid manual can opener – If you don’t like the electric can openers like me get a good man-powered can opener that will always work some way.
 Electronic Digital Timer 4.     Digital timers – When you’ve cooking is pans on all four burners and something in the oven, it is good to have an extra clock to keep track of things.
 Instant-read food thermometer 5.    Instant-read thermometer – Checking the temperature of a piece of meat or chicken doesn’t get any easier than with one of these basic devices. Just jab it in, wait a while and read the temperature.
 Citrus squeezer 6.    Citrus squeezer –  A small juicer is a great gadget for anyone who likes fresh lemon juice in their salad.
 Pepper mill 7.    Pepper mill – If you are addicted to pepper like me, a good pepper mill will be one of the most essential gadgets in your kitchen too.
 Salad spinner 8.    Salad spinner – These fun to use handy kitchen gadgets that spin-dry your salad greens, are great for salad lovers. A salad spinner makes it a lot more likely that you’ll take the time to put together a salad.
 Microplane zester 9.    Microplane zester – This is a classic gadget you can use it on everything from cheese to spices to chocolate to garlic.
 Garlic press 10.    Garlic press – There are lots of gadgets for peeling, slicing, grating, keeping, pressing, and roasting garlic but I think the one garlic gadget that doesn’t have a substitute already in your kitchen is a garlic press. A garlic press easily crushes the garlic into small bits and releases the juices from the cloves.


Here is another list of useful kitchen gadgets.



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