Kitchen Gadgets

Many people like small kitchen gadgets in their kitchen and everyone like to have a nice kitchen with lots of useful tools to make delicious food. A chef can prepare fantastic meals with just a knife and a few pots, many of amateur home-cooks believe that they need lots of appliances and gadgets in their kitchen in order to make meals like chefs.
If you go into a kitchen you will find a waffle maker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a food processor, a panini press, a blender, pizza pans, pizza cutters, etc. But, do we need all of this stuff or some of the basics enough? Here are some creative kitchen  gadgets that will make a cool addition to any modern kitchen.


Avocado Slicer: A gadget designed for making uniform-sized slices of avocado. You can open, pit, slice, scoop, and mash avocados with one tool.

Avocado slicer











Onion Holder: With this tool you will be able to create straight, even slices from any onion.

Onion Holder













Corn Zipper: This kitchen tool quickly and safely removes kernels from the corn while protecting your fingers.










 Egg Cuber: Eggs are oval shaped for years, you can now make them square, I do not know why.

Egg Cuber









Garlic Rocker: This excellent designed kitchen gadget uses downward pressure and a ‘rocking’ mechanism for crushing garlic.

Garlic Rocker











Banana Slicer: Peel your banana, and push this gadget down from top; it creates evenly sliced pieces for your fruit salad.

Banana Slicer












Tomato/Mozzarella Slicer: Cuts ripe tomatoes and creamy mozzarella into uniform slices. Great for making pizzas.

Tomato and Mozzarella Slicer













Apple Corer: This gadget makes coring apples easy.

Apple Corer with Plunger










Strawberry Huller: This cool kitchen tool quickly removes the leaves and stem from a strawberry.

Strawberry Huller













Rotato Potato Peeler: This cool kitchen gadget peels off potato skin in one continuous spiral.

Rotato Potato Peeler












Strawberry Slicer: This innovative tool transforms a whole strawberry into perfect slices with just a press of the handle.

Strawberry Slicer













Apple Divider: With this tool you can produce two sizes of uniformly sliced apples.

Apple Divider










Peach Pitter: With an downward push this gadget turns whole peaches and nectarines into uniform slices.

Peach Pitter












Mango Pitter: This tool slices a mango down the center and cuts the pit out.

Mango Pitter and Splitter







Watermelon Knife: Functional knife to cut large watermelons easily.

Watermelon Knife









Cherry and Olive Pitter: This cool tool makes pitting cherries and olives easy while the fruit remains whole.

Cherry and Olive Pitter













Vegetables into Spaghetti: Put the vegetables in this tool and slice them into spiral or “spaghetti shaped as you desire.

Vegetables into Spaghetti












Finger Guard: Stainless steel shield that protects your fingers while using knife.

Finger Guard












Cupcake Corer: Use this cool kitchen gadget to make a center hole in cupcakes to add fillings.

Cupcake Corer










Herb Mill: Mince any herbs quickly and smoothly with a simple twist.

Herb Mill













Lettuce Chopper: Prepares fresh salad in seconds.


Lettuce Chopper












Garlic Peeler: Useful tool that peels a clove of garlic with ease.

Garlic Peeler












Lemon Squeezer: Cut your lemon in half, place the half into the squeezer and squeeze.

Lemon Squeezer











Upside Down Bottle Holder: This inverted bottle holder will ensure that content of delicious ketchup or mayonnaise is ready to dispense instantly.

Bottle Handles: These handles can be used with any 2-liter bottle so that it is easy to handle very hot bottles.


Pizza Cutter Scissors: This pizza cutter makes slicing and serving at the same time.

Pizza Cutter Scissors, Spatula




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