Cool and Unusual Bottle Openers

The below is a list of our  cool and unusual bottle openers. They are all functional and do the job well.



HeadCase and iBottle Opener: This iPhone hard case includes a bottle opener at its back side, what do you think is it handy?
  Stainless Steel Credit Card Bottle Opener

Thin and credit card sized bottle opener so that you can carry it in your wallet.

 Bike Chain Bottle Opener  Bike Chain Bottle Opener
  Wobble Bobble Bottle Opener

These funny wobbly bottle openers open beer and soda bottles with it’s big mouth.

 Beers Not Bombs Maverick Bottle Opener Beers Not Bombs Maverick Bottle Opener

Drink to world peace with your friends.

  Nuance Bottle Opener

A really cool drop shaped bottle opener. This opener is a delight to use as it is ergonomically shaped to fit right into your hand.

  Alessi Marli Bottle Opener

If you want a very simple yet a very good looking bottle opener this is the perfect opener for you.

 Blomus Bottle Opener Blomus Bottle Opener

Blomus stainless steel bottle opener with stylish black handle.

  Fred and Friends and Another Bottle Opener

Ampersand bottle opener



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