Best Digital Kitchen Scales

A kitchen scale is an essential measuring tool for every kitchen and the serious home cook. It measures your ingredients in ounces rather traditional cups, tablespoons, etc, so you always know exactly how much ingredient you are adding to your meals. Kitchen scales are especially useful when measuring sticky foods like honey, or any ingredient that should be chopped, grated or packed into the measuring cup before adding.

The number of options for digital kitchen scales can be rather overwhelming but here we select only the best quality and the best brands, picking only scales that have extremely positive reviews and that are shown to work with no problems.

Ozeri Ultra Thin Professional Digital Kitchen Food Scale
One of thinnest on the market, the Ozeri Ultra Thin Professional Digital Kitchen Food Scale with its stainless steel design is a professional, cheap, and thin kitchen scale that you can store it event in the smallest space, so this is our number one choice. See price.
EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale Available in a variety of beautiful colors to suit any kitchen theme, the Eatsmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale is perfect choice if you want to get precise weights and measures with the touch of a button. Over 3000 customers gave the EatSmart Precision Pro digital kitchen scale a perfect score which makes this device the most popular electronic kitchen scales of all time. See Price and Reviews
Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale With much sleeker design elements than other many other kitchen scalesĀ Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scaleis becoming the most popular scale from Ozeri.

  • Choose from many different display options(lb/oz, kg/g, fl.oz., ml)
  • Advanced touch sensitive display
  • Accurate measurements from 0.1 oz to 11 lbs
  • Super tough tempered glass
  • Award winning design
  • Easy tare function to set to zero

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OXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale with Pull-Out Display The pull out display on Oxo Good Grips Food Scale allows you to place large weighing plates on the scales and pull out the display to read the results. This is a great feature that many cooks really appreciate. See Price.
Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale The Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scaleis one of the bestselling kitchen scales with its wide range of colors, ease of use and many other features like auto shut down and simple 2 button use.See Price
EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale - Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator The EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scaleis great for anyone who wishes to count the calories. You can count the calories and nutritional values from over 1000 labeled and non labeled foods at the simple push of a button. This great if you are on a diet or doing fitness.See Price

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