10 Kitchen Inventions That You Can Live Without

The below a list of kitchen gadgets that we never held it in our hands, but just looking at the pictures our first reaction is to call them ten kitchen inventions you can live without.

What do you say? Would you like to use  them in your own kitchen?

 Spaghetti Measure -10 Kitchen Inventions That You  Can Live Without Spaghetti Measure
Maybe it can be useful for restaurants but we don’t think this kitchen tool for measuring out pasta is a lifesaver.
Egg Cracker Egg Cracker
This strange tool allows you to crack eggs without any mess.
Hamburger Press Hamburger Press
With this tool you can press out hamburger patties in an instant but again do you really need such an item in your drawer.
Banana Peeler Banana Peeler
Place the peeler over banana and pierce skin with flat prongs.
Teapot for Two Teapot for Two
This teapot has a double spout, the set also includes two tea cups and a saucer tray for both cups.
Egg poacher Egg poacher
Do you need a triple egg poacher like this one? We don’t think so.
 Pizza fork Pizza fork
Be careful while eating your pizza! Or your dinner can end in a hospital.
Butter stick Butter Stick
Butter sticker… In fact this can be helpful for little kids.
Spiral Hot Dog Cutters Spiral Hot Dog Cutters
This is interesting, but it is not something that you can’t live without.
Banana Slicer Banana Slicer
This gadget is for creating uniform banana slices, you decide if you have such a tool in your kitchen.


If you want to see some  useful kitchen gadgets, here is another list: Top 10 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets





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