10 Cool and Creative Mug Designs

These cool mugs are useful on so many levels. Whether you have just started drinking coffee and want a cool mug or you’re just not that good at measuring ratios these mugs will help you. Many people can’t really get their day going until they’ve had their morning cup of coffee, so these creative mug designs also make great gifts because they are not just mugs, but cleverly designed coffee drinking gadgets. So here are the 10 coolest mug designs.


Coffee Mug with a temperature sensor

Mug with a Temperature Sensor

This mug, covered with heat sensitive pigment, changes color depending on the temperature, and how full it is. [link]

Suck UK Mug Drink Selector

Drink Selector Mug

This coffee cup is telling people how you like your tea or coffee? Twist rings according to your preferences. [link]

ZOOM-ABLE! Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Zoom Lens Mug

Not usable but cool idea. [link]

Suck UK Coffee Mycuppa Mug

MyCuppa Mug

If you have just started drinking coffee and not that good at measuring ratios this this mug is very useful. Add more cream or coffee until the color is matched. [link]

Guitar Handmade Coffee Mug

Guitar Handmade Coffee Mug

Great gift for music lovers. [link]

Rubik’s Cube Ceramic Coffee Mug

Relax and drink your coffee with this nostalgic mug inspired by the iconic image of the classic toy. [link]

Fred & Friends Fisticup Metallic-Handled Ceramic Mug

Punch Coffee Mug

To wake up, what do you need? A good punch in the face or a cup of strong coffee? [link]

Global Warming Mug

Global Warming Mug

With this mug, as you pour the coffee into it, you can see exactly what regions of the the world will look like in near future, if people continue to abuse Earth and the polar ice caps melt. [link]

Creative Mugs - Mug with cookie pocket

Dunk Mug with Biscuit Holder

Carry your cookies with your mug, no need extra plates. It is also perfect for keeping the tea bag.

Kitchen Tea Time Ceramic Drink Mug With Tea Bag Holder

Mug With Tea Bag Holder

Tea time! This ceramic mug keeps the tea bag handy for one more dip at tea time. [link]




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